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Wooden beads around the bead toys three wire rack baby birds around the classic early childhood early education toys children toys
Ages: 12 months or more
[Packaging]: 0.5KG 19 * 14 * 18.5CM
[Product Size]: 18 * 13 * 17.5CM
[Material]: Wooden
[Description]:Colored beads strung hoop above your baby beads shipped from the hoop to the other end of the period, in the process of moving, hoop winding, the baby should start small brains, how to overcome the difficulties smoothly move the beads yet. The toy beads of different shapes, bright colors, especially by the children’s favorite. There is also more suitable for smaller babies to play, because the beads are on the hoop, and can not be removed, a higher safety factor.

[Educational purposes]:
1. A baby is to stimulate interest in the game, and meet the baby sedentary character.

2. Parents should accompany their children, the guidelines recognize the baby colored beads and the shape of the car building blocks.

3. Let the baby to the left of the beads to move to the other side, encounter obstacles in the process of moving, do explain to the children, to mention a few multi-Why, development of the brain