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The First eBook For Children where this ebook package comes with two languages, English and Arabic . Its going to be very easy and enjoyable young children where children only need show / emphasize the objects in the book using the pen provided . There are 20 ms with stuffing image menarik.Turut given pointer pens and white board marker pen for writing exercises . In 20 sheet said the letter included such as reading and pronunciation sound abc , numbers , how prayers and readings in prayer , recognize colors and shapes, zoo animals are very beautiful and can attract children to recognize animals and the sounds of animals , the fruit , objects and many others . also included children’s songs such as abc and nasyid songs . which is as an interactive ebook bestnya for parents to teach children at home . bak said the ” First learning began in your home ”

Spesifikasi :

✔ interactif book with 20 m/s
✔ have audio
✔ contains two languages, namely Arabic and English
✔ have a music button which contains various songs of children
✔ literacy
✔ identify vehicles
✔ recognize fruits
✔ identify animals
✔ recognize numbers
✔ to recognize shapes and colors
✔ learn cara2 ablution and prayers and in the prayers bacaan2
✔ doa2 ayat2 daily and reading the holy Koran selection
✔ give free marker pen
✔ Use 3pcs AA battery ( not included )

✔mengandungi bunyai audio

✔mengandungi 2 bahasa iaitu bahasa arab dan bahasa inggeris
✔mempunyai butang muzik yg mengandungi pelbagai lagu kanak2
✔mengenal huruf
✔mengenal kenderaan
✔mengenal buah buahan
✔mengenal haiwan
✔mengenal nombor
✔mengenal bentuk dan warna
✔belajar cara2 berwuduk dan solat beserta bacaan2 dalam solat
✔doa2 harian dan bacaan ayat2 suci Al Quran yg terpilih
✔Use 3pcs AA battery (not included)
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