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Product Name: Urban Rail Overpass

Product material: Wooden bottom board cardboard

The bottom board size: 80*35 CM

Product size]External PackagingGaugeGretl: 32x24x6 cm

Product weight about 1.3 kg

Product accessories paragraph 10 of the bridge, 2 pier, 2 traffic signs, 4 a car., 3, 5, tree, six house ProductMu He 8 multi-color road jigsaw puzzle

Product Description orbit series toys, has always been a baby’s favorite toys one. This toys include orbit, car, bridge, human, scenarios, and so on, the children can play their own imagination,To build their own city park.

Scene Simulation of toys, let your baby play imagination, creativity, spacious building ability of the best selection

Product Introduction:

Cost-effective track toys, work fine, smooth and no Velcro, no paint flavor. Baby build their own 8 in the shape of a track, straight and curved, have to use our brains Oh!

Panel, the orbit, is the “human”, “the trees” House “” traffic marked “placed in the ideal the location, the combination of a picture of the busy city traffic scenes. 290 Xtra three-section magnetic train can connected, in orbit on the run, children and give full play to imagine, with a friend, had so much fun!

Believe that children would like a trained hands-on and the brains of toys

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Weight : 2 kg
Dimension / Size : Box 32.0 cm x 24.0 cm x 6.0 cm
Age Group : 3-4

Ages 3 and above – High quality 40-piece Wooden City toy – Let kids to build their own city on a large city-theme puzzle playmat complete with humans and different vehicles – Develops the child’s imagination and space perception ability – Useful tool for teaching road safety to a growing child – Wood material: New Zealand Pine Design your own 3D city and fill it with people and cars! This amazing wooden rail overpass set includes 40 playing pieces and a city-theme playmat that can be put together to create a dramatic 3-dimensional city. Kids will delight themselves assembling the overpass, pushing vehicles up and down the road, stopping at stations or even crossing tracks at road junctions for people to pass. You can also teach your child about road safety with the human figurines and vehicles in a safe environment. Buy one today and watch your kid have a blast playing it! Each set contains: 12 x Overpass & Road parts 2 x Traffic signs 4 x Different Vehicles 3 x Human figurines 5 x Trees 3 x Buildings 8 x Coloured city-theme puzzle playmat